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ah no...

2010-09-02 06:37:58 by Dj-Afterpeak

I have a dilemma...
I really like to use the Sytrus Synth 'Eurogate' simply because it pretty much fits all my likings and style for trance, but I don't want all my songs to sound the same because I'm using it as a lead most of the time. D:
Any suggestions? New synths that I may be interested in?


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2010-09-02 06:42:58

well, i too use the same chord-synth all the time ...
i know i could get repeatitive.. but if your smart enough to combine it with different sounds, it isnt that repetitive anymoar.

you just need to try to wrap it up with other sounds
thats my suggestion so far. (=:

Dj-Afterpeak responds:

:O awesome!
cheers man!