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Ohai guys!

2010-12-07 07:23:21 by Dj-Afterpeak

Hey guys! Guess what!
the computer guy still hasn't fixed it so there will be no songs D:


I've hooked myself up with a laptop and fl studio 9 was given to me by a good friend. All I have to do now is to find time in my busy schedule to make some stuff. Because the friend that gave me fl studio also makes songs, a collab will most likely be the next thing that goes up here!

In other news, I got virtual DJ to satisfy my mixing withdrawal symptoms, but it still doesn't compare to mixing on real decks. Unfortunately for me to buy such things, and a decent setup would also require me to have to sell my house. D: Anyone else here feeling that pain? D:

New Page Header and Updates

2010-10-06 05:45:41 by Dj-Afterpeak

Heres a shoutout and a big thank-you to ColdFlame for making the awesome page header!!
Thanks heaps man!

In other news, my computer broke, so until it gets fixed don't expect much content D:

ah no...

2010-09-02 06:37:58 by Dj-Afterpeak

I have a dilemma...
I really like to use the Sytrus Synth 'Eurogate' simply because it pretty much fits all my likings and style for trance, but I don't want all my songs to sound the same because I'm using it as a lead most of the time. D:
Any suggestions? New synths that I may be interested in?


2010-06-22 00:56:49 by Dj-Afterpeak

The source of all epicness

The integral of exy

2010-06-06 05:48:35 by Dj-Afterpeak

that sounds like a good song title to me ;D

in the meantime, have a picture of a sheep
behold, the only animal that can puke a rainbow

- Dj-Afterpeak

Hello NG

2010-06-05 08:05:11 by Dj-Afterpeak

This is a reserved account of Larcenyy.
Until I reach this account to lvl 8, then it will remain silent for awhile.